Says litecoin founder charlie

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Charlie lee says litecoin is still alive and kicking.

Full client coming soon.

Says litecoin founder charlie

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Litecoin (ltc) founder, charlie lee, says no money paid in.

Litecoin founder makes big announcement of ltc halving charlie lee, the litecoin founder, took to twitter and quickly grabbed audience attention by announcing that he will be cutting litecoin mining rewards in half for the first time in 4 years.

Says litecoin founder charlie

Litecoin founder charlie lee says that the recent bithumb hack cannot affect bitcoins fundamentals the same way a bank robbery should not affect the price of gold.

Litecoin founder, charlie lee in a recent interview shared his thoughts about cryptocurrencies bitcoin (btc), ripples xrp and litecoin (ltc).

Bithumb hack does not change bitcoin fundamentals, says.

Cryptocurrency pundit and founder of litecoin, charlie lee, has revealed that hes doing everything in his prowess to push the price of litecoin (ltc) to 400, claiming that soon, the altcoin will reach a level far higher than the all-time price of 375.

Litecoin founder charlie lee says hes an investor in the bitcoin custody and lightning node startup casa.

Litecoin cash is a scam fraud says charlie lee litecoin founder cryptojack.